What I Can Do:

I specialize in branding, graphic design and art direction for your startup and/or personal projects. I also create custom illustrations or watercolor artwork. With experience in UI/UX design, your brand can come to life in an application and digital pieces.

My creative vision pulls from all aspects of design, either from my background in film production work or my graduate studies in advertising. My ultimate goal with any client is to connect and understand your vision so I can relay it clearly and accurately to anyone who comes in contact with your brand.

What I Can Create:

• Brand Identity
• Graphics - Illustrations - Infographics
• Advertising Campaigns
• Packaging Design
• Social Assets
• UI/UX Design - Websites & Apps (no coding)
• Photo retouching & editing

The Process:

Consultation    Estimate    Proposal    Approval    50% deposit    Sketches & Inspiration  ›  Rendering  › Presentation    Tweaks & Revisions    Final Approval  ›  Final 50% payment    Artwork delivery