NEXT Creatives - Coors

Role: Art Director  |  Copywriter: DJ Ursetta  |  Mentor: Jay Roth
Branding, Packaging, Launch Campaign

Sponsored by Colorado Ad Club, Next Creatives is designed to put upcoming talent to the test by combing a team of creatives with mentors and one head "client." Cameron Day led the four groups to introduce a new (and fictitious), limited edition, craft beer by Coors. 

The campaign included a bottle and package design, print media, bar graphics and decor, outdoor ads, and a microsite design. Our group's design direction was inspired by the coal miners that came after the gold rush in Colorado in the mid 1800s. The hard work, danger and legacy left behind is what drew us to create Black Collar.

Back panel copy

Back panel copy

When birds are chirping, we aren’t rising. Down here, all we have is each other. With a light on my helmet, and a pickaxe in my hand, the one thing I count on is my crew. 
This is not a job. It’s a way of life. We live for the end of the day. To rise above the surface into the Rockies, a place where the air is as crisp as the water. Where we can sit down in silence and know that serenity is a pour away. 
This is mining. This is reward over risk. This is for the soldiers beneath the surface, and the honored beyond the light.

Chalkboard/Bar Tap

Chalkboard/Bar Tap

The chalkboard is adorned with metal chips that mimic the ID tags for each miner. Before ascending into the mine, each miner would add his chip to the board, and retrieve when he came back up after his shift. 



The campaign would partner with The School of Mines and Western Museum to help foster the education and history of the mining community that began in Colorado.

The patron would sign the miner's certificate, which is similar to that in the old days when miners would claim their profits from their treasures, and donate 10% of their bill to their choice. They drop the coaster with their receipt in a designated box at the establishment.